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Homeopathic Doctor in Germantown: Homeopathic doctors get their training in both the clinical and administrative aspects of their practice. They have the license to practice medicine in accordance with the homeopathic principles, which Hahnemann described as “like cures like. The basic principles of homeopathy are to treat symptoms first, so that the origin of the disease does not affect treatment. This is strange to conventional practitioners, as they typically do not address symptoms until they have a firm diagnosis.

Best Homeopathic Doctor in Germantown

Navid Pezeshkzad is the Founder and Director of Terravitals Natural Lab. After he graduated from The British Institute of Homeopathy in Canada.  He began working in Ecuador as a homeopath and research scientist. With the support of local people, he has been able to develop an innovative technique of healing by capturing the cosmic energy of pyramids.

The energizing of regular drinking water to increase immunity and other health-related benefits these benefits are achieved by using the specific cycle of the moon and the thickness of the sides of a pyramid and the metal titanium. For example one can energize a homeopathic remedy with a synergetic process in such a way as to direct this cosmic energy to any part of the body, creating a soft healing process.

Methods of care

Classical Homeopathy, Homeopathic Poly-pharmacy, Nutrition and Vitamins, Pyramid Therapy, Olfaction Method

Specialized Homeopathic Doctor in Germantown for various problems

Constipation, Sinus, Immunity, Chronic recurrent pains, Headaches, Skin problems, Emotional Imbalances

Strong points of this Homeopathic Doctor

Unexplainable localized pain, Migraine headaches, the immune system, Insomnia, Constipation, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Digestive dysfunction, Female disorders.

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