BakNek™ – Homeopathic Medicine for Neck Pain


Homeopathic medicine – Relieves pain on sides of neck and nape due to minor muscle strain. Supports gradual and incremental recovery.

Approx 75 Oral Pellets.  Organic, Lactose-free.

Combination homeopathic formula (see purpose of each ingredient under Drug Facts):  Antimonium crudum 8C, Antimonium tartaricum 8C, Arnica montana 30C, Cuprum metallicum 8C, Lycopodium clavatum 6C.

Uses are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Neck, Sides and Nape

Neck pain” is a type of pain that occurs in the muscles and neck of the spine of your upper back. It can result from injury or overexertion and can be caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, or long periods of time spent on your phone or computer.

There are many different causes of neck pain. Doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor can diagnose common causes and can treat them. In other cases, simple self-treatment can bring relief. In some cases, surgery is recommended—or even necessary.

Homeopathic Medicine for Neck Pain

Homeopathy is a holistic health care system based on the principle that the body has natural self-healing powers. There are many approaches to homeopathy remedies , but the one described in this is BakNek™, a unique combination of homeopathic remedies and herbal extracts intended to help as neck pain relief.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is an injury that typically appears in the neck or joints of the cervical vertebrae. Homeopathic treatment for Neck pain may also cause numbness or tingling.

It is important to understand that there are many causes of neck pain, and it is not just limited to repetitive motions, slouching, or lifting heavy objects. There are numerous reasons why you could be experiencing this type of pain. In fact, as many as half of all people will experience some form of neck pain during their lifetime. So, what causes neck pain?

  1. Cervical Disc Disease
    One of the most common causes of neck pain is cervical disc disease. This is when the soft, spongy center of your vertebrae (nucleus pulposus) breaks down and can put pressure on your spinal cord and nerves. When this occurs, you may have symptoms such as numbness, tingling, weakness of one arm or side of the body, or pain in the arms and legs.
  1. Arthritis in Your Neck
    There are numerous types of arthritis that can affect your neck. Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the joints where two bones meet (such as your knee). When osteoarthritis affects the neck, it may cause your neck to be stiff and painful.
  1. Injury to the Spine
    If you experience a sudden injury to your spinal cord, this could possibly cause nerve damage in the areas of your body that are connected to the spine. If not treated correctly and quickly, this could lead to symptoms similar to those of cervical disc disease.
  1. Muscle or Joint Pain in Your Neck
    If you experience muscle or joint pain in your neck, it probably won’t have anything to do with cervical disc disease. Instead, you may have muscle pain and degeneration (degenerative arthritis), or joint stiffness (osteoarthritis).
  1. Tumor in the Neck
    Tumors can affect a muscle in the neck, and if it is large enough, it could put pressure on the nerves and cause pain or numbness there. Tumors are rare, however.
  1. Trauma to Your Neck: Car Accident, Fall, Sports Injuries
    If you have experienced trauma to your neck (such as a car accident or fall), you may develop neck pain due to injury that affects your nerves and muscles. This can occur with whiplash injuries as well during sports injuries (such as colliding into a desk at work.
  1. Strokes and Brain Tumors
    Many people experience symptoms of neck pain and tingling in the arms or legs after suffering a stroke. It is also possible to have symptoms from brain tumors, such as numbness, tingling of the arms or legs, or weakness. So, when you do feel neck pain, you should see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.
  1. Arthritis in your Joints & Cartilage: Joint Pain
    Any joint features arthritis, which come from damage to cartilage (a type of connective tissue that cushions bones).

Symptoms of neck pain

  1. Homeopathic Medicine for Neck pain radiates to the shoulder
  2. Neck Pain is dull or aching
  3. Neck Pain is aggravates when you try to do something like raise your head, turn your neck or move your neck too much
  4. You have difficulty swallowing.
  5. You feel that people are staring at you or noticing you more than usual.” 

Symptoms of neck pain are typically similar in both men and women but the severity can vary depending on gender and age. The most prominent symptom for any patient with chronic neck pain is an increased sensitivity to light and sound, which some clinicians may mistake as dizziness, vertigo, or tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Complications of neck pain

  1. Central sensitization of the dorsal horn
    This is an overreaction by a person’s central nervous system to stimuli in their environment. This is also known as hyperalgesia and allodynia, which are essentially amplifiy and exaggerate reactions to pain.
  1. Pain referral
    Pain may be experience because of referred pain from other parts of the body-this could be seen as very short duration but intense headaches that are trigger by neck pain or even bladder pain that can be cause by a tight pelvic floor. This should not be confuse with psychosomatic causes for symptom experience. Psychological conflicts may cause symptoms were you feel you have a physical injures.
  1. Pathophysiology
    Neck pain may be cause because of mechanical damage to the nervous system. This is also known as central sensitization. The central nervous system is responsible for sending signals to every part of the body. They are constantly transmitting these signals as we move. When something goes wrong with this process an exaggerated response occurs in the injured area, which results in neck pain.
  1. Psychological issues
    We should acknowledge that there are many issues that a person suffering from symptoms related to neck pain may have and not just pain, such as homeopathic medicine for depression, anxiety or sleeping disorders.

Prevention of Neck Pain

A person might experience neck pain for a long list of reasons. The most common reason is from the repetitive use of incorrect postures when sitting or standing. Other reasons might include injury to muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons that support and stabilize the neck; diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis; and problems with blood vessels in the neck that supply oxygen-rich blood to nerve cells and other tissue.

So what can you do to prevent all these issues?

There are a few things you can do in order to reduce your chances of experiencing. Any sort of neck pain. These include preventing neck pain at the beginning of your day, practicing good posture and not constantly moving your neck up and down.

Prevent Neck Pain At The Beginning Of Your Day

Get enough sleep every night so that you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. If you don’t get enough sleep every night, this can cause stiffness in the neck and back muscles that may cause pain after a while. Make sure to use an appropriate pillow.

So make sure you improve your quality of sleep by getting plenty of exercise each day such as walking, running, swimming, tennis or any other sport that is based on movement.


Weight 1.7 oz

Drug Facts

Active ingredients………………………………..Purpose

Antimonium crudum 8C HPUS……….neck/back pain, neck/nape cramp

Antimonium tartaricum 8C HPUS…..stiffness aggravated by motion

Arnica montana 30C HPUS…………… weakness and painful glands of neck

Cuprum metallicum 8C HPUS……….. swelling neck glands, muscles back to neck

Lycopodium clavatum 6C HPUS……..painful stiffness of left side of neck


‘HPUS’ indicates that this ingredient is officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. ‘C’ is a homeopathic dilution.


Uses:  For temporary relief of pain on sides of neck and nape due to minor muscle strain.

* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence.  Not FDA evaluated.


Directions:  Adults and adolescents 12 and over:  Dissolve 1 or 2 pellets in mouth at the onset of symptoms.  Repeat every 1 to 6 hours as needed.


WarningsStop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist more than 5 days or worsen. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use.  Keep out of reach of children.

Other information

Other information:  Store in a dry place between 15-30° C (59-86° F) and out of direct sunlight.  Do not use if seal of internal pellet dispenser is missing or broken.

Inactive ingredients

Inactive ingredient:  Organic sucrose, certified by DE-OKO-070.

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